Unit 8 Post

Unit 8 Assignment 1 Emily McDill

! & ? on Ulrike Meinhof

?: Can Meinhoff’s work really be considered patriotic if she was committing acts of terrorism against her country? To what is she showing her patriotism and loyalty?

!: The theme of the media, particularly newspapers, having a massive impact on public opinion and the dissemination of information seems to be a theme that runs throughout the 3 sources for Thursday’s class, especially as described in the section “In Times of Protest”.

! & ? on The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

!: I was surprised by how openly people attacked Blum in public and wonder if this type of public shaming would have been condoned had this been a real scenario. 

?: Was this film’s ultimate purpose to criticize the corruption of slanderous journalism, and was the dynamic surrounding communism just a secondary aspect of the plot?